Various Design Systems

Complex Visual Languages

Complex visual languages emerge through out product design and are only successful if all of the use cases are taken in to consideration. Developing complex logic, that is able to elegantly host a thoughtful visual language, makes heavy metadata more understandable. Check out my blog post on how to successfully design cards to learn more about the process I use to create these complex visual languages.


Component Library

While doing a major design overhaul of an existing platform, we created a component library that utilized patterns that could be reused throughout the interface. This was a time saver for the designers, as well as developers, since we were able to utilized React components through out the platform.


Style Tiles

Style tiles help visually communicate the overall look and feel of a large or small website, without designing full comps. When working in a fast-paced marketing agency, this was a great way to get feedback in early stages of the design process from internal stakeholders and clients.