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Lenae Boykin

Brad Jackson

Zach Stowell

Shawn Gillen


While at Centerline Digital, worked with a team to created a native iOS app, meant to be played at an event in front of a live audience for our client. It was decided that this would be a Jeopardy-style game, where the participant would answer clinical research questions, asked by a moderator.


Create a seamless experience for not only the user but the moderator during game play. Taking in to consideration the display of the product on 9 screens, as well as the life of the game after the event.



Before any visual design was started, it was important to convey to the client what the user flow would be, so we presented a low fidelity prototype of wireframes. This displayed the the general user flow for the player, as well as a direction for interactions and layout for the game.

We decided against sharing static wireframes to the client and jumped straight to the interactive prototype so that we could set expectations for the final product up front.


After the user flow was decided on, I moved quickly in to high fidelity mockups of each screen. After the overall design was signed off on by the client, I made a prototype of the interactive elements such choosing a question, and what happens when you give an incorrect answer vs. a correct answer on the board.



Using the design comps, I created a prototype of interactive elements of the game, giving a realistic visualization of what the game would act like once developed. I worked closely with an iOS developer on what interactions would be best and possible for the game.

The app was launched before the event and overall was a great drive to asset to their booth. It has been later used at company functions to test the knowledge of employees.