Hall of Practitioners - IBM World of Watson

The Challenge

While at Centerline Digital, one of our IBM clients requested interactive experiences for their annual World of Watson conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. They wanted an experience that could show case their customer resources through multiple roles at IBM.

My role: Brainstorming, whiteboarding, design thinking, information architecture, ux design, visual design
My deliverables: Wireframes, workflow prototypes, ui assets for dev

Defining & Ideating

The Hall of Practitioners needed to be designed around the limitations of a 6 foot touch screen. The direction of an interactive experienced, accompanied by videos would make the experience rich, and provide an actual life size human on the screen to explain to the user about the position that was selected.

The design process for this was interesting in the fact that each iteration needed to be printed and manually taped together to get a true feeling about the size of ui elements throughout the experience.  

Prototyping & Iterating

After figuring out the size of the ui elements, and the overall workflow, iterations were made on the visual language through out the experience. Once the video was shot and edited, the entire experience began to come together as a seamless interactive touchscreen.

Testing & Launching

The final experience was a huge success at IBM World of Watson. Our client was excited with the value driven insights from the users on the showroom floor.